Is the test project really free?

Yes, the test digital banner project is absolutely free. The feature gives you the flexibility to review our technical capabilities, work process and quality of the banner before starting any large or high-volume project.

We recommend starting with a simple project, such as, create 1 master banner from PSD storyboard or resize 2 banners from the existing HTML5 layout. The approach enables you to evaluate – how efficiently the code is written, smoothness of the animation, browser compatibility and turnaround time of the project.

Our digital banner ads are crafted by the expert developers with absolute accuracy and consistency. Let’s get started with your test banner project today!

How fast can you deliver a banner project?

The following is not a comprehensive timeline but gives you an overview – about the turnaround of a banner project:

  • Standard HTML5 Banner
    1 x Master banner creation from storyboard: 1.5 days
    6 x Resizing or Adaptation from a master banner: 1 day
    12 x Localization using existing banner: 1 day

  • Rich Media HTML5 Banner
    1 x Master banner creation from storyboard: 2.5 days
    6 x Resizing/Adaptation from a master banner: 2 days
    12 x Localization using existing banner: 1.5 days

  • Static or Animated GIF Banner
    1 x Static or Animate GIF banner Creation from creative assets: 1 day
    6 x Resizing/Adaptation from a master banner: 1 day
    12 x Localization using existing banner: 1 day

Note that the above turnaround time may vary depending on the project complexity. Usually, our team reviews each project requirements, creative layout, assets thoroughly and confirms the delivery time accordingly.

How do I start with my project?

To start a project is very simple. Just fill in the Get a Quote form with necessary details and submit. Our team will review the requirements immediately and let you know the next step.

Alternatively, you can also email the project requirements at [email protected].

Do you upload banners in AD platforms?

Yes, we work with the advertising agencies and media companies to make sure that the banners are implemented correctly in the AD platforms.

The support also extends to tracking user interactions, setup dynamic feed for rich media and behavior targeting banner. DoubleClick, Google AdWords, Sizmek, Flashtalking, Adform, Atlas, Celtra are some of the ad platforms, we support.

How do I get a quote for my banner project?

Simply fill in the Get A Quote form and submit. Our team will review the requirements immediately and come back with a cost estimate within 1 working day.

You can also email the project requirements at [email protected]. Either way, our team will respond with a quote within quickest possible time.

Additionally, we encourage you to check our interactive tool called How much does my banner cost? A lot of our clients use this tool to estimate the high-level cost range. It helps them notably to play around with the budget of a project.

Let’s give it a try now!

How do you ensure cost efficiency?

At Activeoo, we craft every digital banner ad utilizing the years-long production experience, a clear understanding of the ad platforms, solid development and QA process. It’s important for us to deliver each project efficiently so that our client brings out the best result from what they are spending.

All of our digital banner projects go through two layers of the review process to refine the technical specifications and creative assets – so that the final output remains consistent against the brief. Also, the creative look and feel, animation sequence and functionality (if any) of each banner is QAed thoroughly to keep the production round at a minimum level.

Additionally, our development team functions from a low-cost location, Dhaka Bangladesh, which is an added advantage for us to offer cost-effective production solution.

Some of our clients are top brands, advertising agencies - and the relationships are years long older. The consistent production support, on-time delivery and cost saving approach, enables us to retain these relationships for a longer period and to win recurring businesses.

Try us for one small banner project and experience the difference. Best quality and efficient production solutions are guaranteed.

What are your working hours?

We are open from Monday to Friday 06:00am – 05:00pm GMT or 02:00am – 01:00pm EST.

How can I get in touch with you?

Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

Do you work under NDA? Will you sign one?

We respect your artwork and business. At Activeoo, the creative assets are only used to deliver your project. Otherwise, all relevant information, source files, and creative materials remain confidential. For further details, please check our NDA Policy.

Additionally, if it’s essential to have your NDA document signed; please send them over. We will review and share necessary feedback.

Do you offer a discount for bulk or multiple projects?

Yes, we offer discount for the bulk number of banners or multiple projects. The extent of discount depends on the scope of work. Please Contact Us with your detail requirements and we will confirm you the discount amount or percentage.

Additionally, we are open to discuss about any long-term partnership opportunity. Just drop us a line at [email protected]; we will get back to you within quickest possible time.

Do you provide any revisions?

Yes, our digital banner ad project includes 2 revision rounds by default. Additionally, we ensure an unlimited number of QA fix while uploading any banner in the ad platform.

However, if any creative edit or change in the layout requires a great deal of effort, then we will let you know beforehand so that there’s no surprise. We believe in a partnership approach with our clients and don’t charge for every bits and piece.

What type of information should I include in my project brief?

The more information you share about the project, the better. Here are a few items that you’ll need to include in the project brief:

  • Storyboard of your banner ad in any common format - i.e. PSD, AI etc.
  • A copy of the custom font (if any)
  • Provide the following information if you would like us to design the storyboard from scratch:
    – An overview of the marketing campaign;
    – Landing Page URL;
    – Any useful creative materials (such as image, artwork etc.) relevant to your campaign;

  • For resizing and adaptation work, we will need:
    – A copy of the master HTML5 banner;
    – Media plan which includes the dimension (width x height) of all banners
    – Ad platform specifications (such as files size limit, number of loops; ClickTag etc.)

  • For rich media or video banner ad, please provide us relevant files and a description of the user interactivity.
  • Translated copy if you need to localize any banner.
How much does my banner costs?

Calculate your banner project cost using this interactive tool.

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Try for one small digital banner project & experience the difference. Best quality & efficient production solution is guaranteed.